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Instagram Reels New Update Brings in More TikTok-Like Audio Features

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Instagram’s short-video in-app platform Reels has now been out here for a couple of months. The feature was and still is a clear effort from Facebook to compete with TikTok but has surely been struggling to fit into those shoes. This is mostly attributed to the lack of user-friendly tools that helped make TikTok as big as it still is.

However, Instagram has been looking to bring in some familiar features to Reels. Three of them have just been added to make it easier for users to share and save audio clips.

The update, that was announced on Twitter, brings in a new audio browser that highlights songs that are trending in the app. Users will also be provided with personalised recommendations for these audio clips. Additionally, you will now have the ability to save audio for future use. This is alongside the ability to share audio pages in direct messages.

As Engadget reports, there were complaints that the audio features were outdated compared to TikTok’s. The latter’s allow users to easily get sound from another user’s video and reuse it for their own clips.

With the new update, users will hopefully find it easier to identify soundtracks that are trending and bookmark them within their own profiles. Saving these audio clips from Reels will allow you to refer back to the audio page.

Instagram is still trying to make Reels a desirable platform for creators considering all the new features that are still being tested. Hopefully, the Facebook-owned site will have a chance against the giant.

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