Spotify Now Lets You Search For Songs Using Lyrics. Here’s How It Works

With the announcement of the Fair Usage Policy from Safaricom, many people cannot help but worry about ohw much data music streaming apps use.

Despite rivalry from Apple Music, Spotify is still a common name in many households. However, that does not mean it has all the best features neither does it make it the best app out there. But, we’ll talk about that later. Let’s focus on the now. The music streaming app is finally announcing a potentially important feature for its users.

Spotify; Search Songs with Lyrics

Users will now be able to search for songs on Android and iOS by simply typing in parts of the lyrics. The feature works simply enough.

  1. Just key in a phrase in the mobile app
  2. Then Spotify will show songs that contain that, at least the songs that’s in its massive collection. 


However, it’s not a bed of roses. The problem with this feature is that it is quite late to the party. Apple Music already had such a feature that did exactly that in 2018, three years after the service launched.

There’s also the fact that there may be quicker ways to discover songs based on their lyrics. Instead of searching on Spotify, you may want to use Shazam, which Apple now owns, and Google Assistant.

This is if the song is playing and Google is most likely people’s first resort when searching for things on the Web. Still, for Spotify users who practically live in the mobile app, it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

This tiny and almost silent update follows a steady stream of new features revolving around Spotify playlists and podcasts. The most high-profile news Spotify may have been involved lately.

However, is its participation in the new Coalition for App Fairness formed by Epic Games and other apps and services that have a bone to pick with Apple, which, of course, includes Spotify.

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