Spotify Introduces Video Podcasts on Its Platform Today

Spotify Looks To Introduce Video Podcasts on Its Platform

Demand for content is on the rise judging by the fact that people are mainly at home. This is largely affecting podcast-listening habits as seen in this report. Spotify is introducing video podcasts to their app and it will be interesting to see how it affects its performance.

Spotify Video Podcasts

The company was testing video podcasts in its app, starting with two YouTube stars: Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar, hosts of Zane and Heath: Unfiltered.

Spotify Video Podcast

The global test allows creators to upload their recorded video footage to the app. While Spotify hasn’t confirmed the tests, adding video to podcasts makes sense. Spotify already shows looping videos of album artwork, and it recently purchased The Ringer, which has video shows.

A few people may remember that Spotify used to have videos. However, they were cancelled in 2017. One year later, Spotify hinted that it might bring more photos and videos to podcasts but it has kept quiet about those plans since.

Features of The Podcasts

According to the Verge, here are some of the features of the video podcasts

  1. Videos will sync with the audio feed and keep playing even if listeners lock their phones.
  2. Ad spots will still play but with the video showing up as a single, static shot.
  3. These videos will also only be uploaded in the language podcasters record. Spotify won’t be translating them for a global audience. The feature is available on the desktop and mobile Spotify apps.

Although this is just an initial test, the feature will likely come to more podcasts in the future. Video podcasts will begin rolling out today in supported markets. So you may not see the addition immediately, but should soon.

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