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Huawei Will Replace Android with its Own Smartphone OS in 2021

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Huawei has been hit hard by the myriad of restrictions it is facing in the U.S. but it looks like they are about to make a revolutionary move. It looks like we will be seeing Huawei Harmony OS (the company’s own personal operating system ) in 2021 and according to Android Authority, that’s not all.

Huawei Teases Harmony OS

It’s quite evident that the newer Huawei smartphones will be coming with Harmony OS. That means that next year you will have a choice between Android, Harmony OS and iOS. What a time to be alive. But there’s more news.

According to Android Authority, a Huawei representative has confirmed to them via email that already existing Huawei Smartphones may be upgraded to Harmony OS later on in the year.

“It’s unclear if the upgrade to Harmony OS will be available to all devices running EMUI 11. Huawei might only offer the upgrade to certain devices running its new Android skin.

It’s also unclear if this will be a mandatory change or an optional upgrade. It nevertheless makes for a pretty interesting proposition. It could be an intriguing alternative platform for Google-free devices like the Mate 30 series and P40 series.

The future looks Testy

Whatever may come the way of Huawei, this will be an exciting path for users currently limited by Google Ban. If the upgrade to EMUI 11 devices is coming at a massive scale, Huawei could really start off on the right foot. This means having millions of devices already running their new OS.

However, do bear in mind that the public hasn’t yet seen Harmony OS. In my opinion, their App Gallery isn’t all that yet either, so it might be a huge success or a major bust. Expect a lot of issues when we see the first Harmony OS smartphone.

Fortunately, the company states that it now has over 1.8 Million developers on board with over 96,000 apps being integrated with the Huawei Mobile Services Core worldwide.

Hopefully, whenever Harmony OS goes live on smartphones, the company may have already dealt with two big issues that face new Operating Systems – developer support, and availability of apps.

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