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Best of Twitter: What if Superheroes were in Kenya?


The beauty of Twitter stems from how random content can turn into a nationwide sensation. The ability of Kenyans to turn normal conversations into a funny yet compelling thread on Twitter is the light of my whole day. Take for example the latest thread; What if superheroes were in Kenya?

Mr OmilJR, seated on his front porch on a cool sunny day sipping a tantalizing lemonade saw birds flying in the sky and spiders crawling on the wooden bench. The two nature elements reminded him of his favourite superheroes. Superman and Spiderman.

With that in mind, he thought out loud on Twitter.

I’m hard balling, of course, cause that’s probably not what happened. However, Kenyans still took the time to make light of this situation. If you have not seen this thread yet, here’s a comprehensive list of some of the best “If superheroes were in Kenya” on Twitter.

Best “If Superheroes were in Kenya” On Twitter.

There’s no discrimination to Marvel and DC superheroes on Twitter. Everyone is being called out today. If you have seen them already, then you can just enjoy yourself again.

No chills are spared as the tweets exploit both Kenyan and the Superheroes insecurities.

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