Sendy Launches Runner Service For Delivery Within The CBD

Image courtesy Sendy

If you are a Sendy app user, you might have already received a message announcing a new service from the company. The on-demand delivery platform has now launched a runner delivery service meant to help in sending packages within the CBD.

So, as one asks for motorcycles or vans, this will involve a delivery person literally running errands to whatever destination you want within the city.

This is actually quite thoughtful considering the level of congestion in the area. Moreover, it is quite impossible to deliver packages via Boda Boda since the city’s regulations deem it illegal.

It is not clear exactly what the delivery charges are for the new service but we would assume that it will be lower compared to the motor delivery services.

This new announcement comes a few months after the service launched the Sendy Go app meant to cater for grocery shopping and delivery.

According to Sendy, the app was launched with the aim of making sure Kenyans maintain their safety during these times even while doing something as basic as shopping. The app has gradually been growing in the range of stores that users can choose from. This includes supermarkets, online butcheries, gas refilling stations and liquor stores.

This was also in a bid to compete with Uber Eats that had already kickstarted delivering essential goods in partnership with Tuskys Supermarket. Any more information about the charges in terms of individual goods and for delivery can also be found on the app once you start shopping.

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