PlayStation 5 Controller Could Reportedly Detect Who Exactly is Holding It

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Anyone that is a regular PlayStation 4 player knows that having an account is an essential part of gaming now. It’s hard to imagine that the PlayStation 5 experience will be any different. It would even be more vital especially at a time that both Xbox and PlayStation are placing their focus on cloud gaming.

Well, it is possible that Sony could be looking to make it much easier to log in to one’s account. A new report now claims that the new DualSense controller could just know who’s holding it and automatically log you in.

The report from SegmentNext states that Sony was granted a patent entitled “Apparatus, System and Method of Authentication.” Apparently, it details a system that uses the controllers’ sensors to detect the movements of a user and therefore form and store their profile for future detection.

This could then help the controller learn who exactly is holding it after a few seconds.

The diagrams in the patent go ahead to suggest that it’s not just the DualSense controller that this feature could work for. Sony may choose to integrate the functionality into a TV remote, a mouse, keyboard, and microphones, for example.

However, the DualSense seems to be the main beneficiary for this feature. This is considering that the controller will pack very sensitive sensors as an easy way to store movement profiles on the PlayStation 5 console.

As long as it is optional, it is pretty certain that gamers wouldn’t have a problem with Sony rolling out this conventional feature. In fact, this would be a really cool feature to brag about.

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