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Kenyans React To This Students Virtual Trip To The Coast Worth 1500

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Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) never miss a beat and yesterday they took to the ‘Streets’ to call out Mountain View School. The institution is planning a virtual trip to the coast for its students worth 1500 Bob. While all this might sound handy dandy for the Kids, KOT was not too amused.

Virtual Coast Trip Details

First off, we could note that the trip probably has the child interest at heart. However, not too many people agree with this approach. Before we get there, let’s take a look at the trip details:

  1. The trip is supposedly three days and two nights: Tuesday 25th to Friday 29th. The trip is for grade 1-3 students
  2. Travel is by the Madaraka express train to Mombasa
  3. Once you ‘get to the coast’, you will be treated to:
    • A learning experience on the Coastal way of life
    • Lessons on how to cook pilau bhajia and other coastal cuisines
    • Visitations to various landmarks and historic sites
    • Tutorials on how to make beaded jewellery and conducting a fashion show.
    • Note: The trip is via Zoom

Here’s the poster detailing the virtual trip plans:

Virtual Trip Twitter

Twitter Reacts

The tweets that follow this conversation take two sides. Some who are for the  money-making plan and looking at how it could benefit the society:

Some say they are up for it but have a different mode of payment too:

Others thinking it’s daylight robbery:

What do you think? Is it a good idea or are they just wasting time and money?

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  1. No concern for covid-19 ???

  2. This is extremely crazy! But let them make money, some parents will be willing to pay.

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