Gmail, Google Meet and Other Google Services Down For Hours

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Google is not having a good morning. On Thursday 20th, August 2020 at around 8.30 am, users around the world started reporting that Gmail was down.

According to reports, users were unable to send new emails, receive emails or add attachments to emails. Google was quick to acknowledge the issue but have since not yet fully resolved it.

New reports indicate that a number of Google services have also been affected, including Google Drive, Google Meet, Google, Docs, Google Keep and Google Chat. As per Google’s report as of 10.21 am, the only persisting issues were: Gmail sending issues, Meet recording issues, Creating files issues in Drive, CSV user upload issues in Admin Console, Posting message issues in Google Chat.

Consequently, due to issues with Google Drive, Android WhatsApp backups have also been affected and users have not been able to back up their messages on the cloud since morning.

As much as this is a global outage, some regions are having it harder than others. For instance, countries like India, Malaysia, Japan and parts of Australia have a total blackout of these Google Services. In Africa, it seems only Kenya and South Africa have been hardest hit, at least intermittently.

However, as of going to press, Gmail services seems to be working again but everything else is still down. This is a big hit, especially now when people are working from home and are heavily reliant on cloud services as well as video conferencing service such as Google Meet.

Is Gmail or any other Google services down on your side?

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