Telegram Video Calling Feature is Getting Close To Launch


Despite its convenient interface and fun features, one thing that Telegram has still never brought in is the ability to video call. But it seems like the platform is working to finally bring in the feature to its millions of users.

An online report now states that the instant messaging app has already rolled out the feature in its beta app.

Currently, the beta version is available for a particular number of users. If you wish to get it, you need to download the version 0.7 beta or newer of the app from Microsoft’s App Center platform. The app will then be installed alongside the regular one that you use.

According to the report by Android Police, Telegram’s video call interface is quite similar to what other platforms offer. It features an on-screen button to flip between front and rear-facing cameras, turn off/on video button, mute, and hang-up buttons.

Users can also swap the participant in the smaller window to the larger by a simple tap. However, early feedback has shown that the feature is still glitchy and needs a lot of refinement.

For instance, Android Police reports that the voice initially came out through the earpiece instead of the loudspeaker. There is also no option for group calls although it is said to be in the works.

Picture-in-picture mode has also been reported to be tricky at the moment. To make it work, all you need to is tap the back arrow on the top-left of the screen. The action will trigger a pop-up asking for permission “to draw above other apps to play videos in Picture-in-Picture mode”.

Hopefully, the feature will be streamlined and fully launched soon enough. Although the feature is in its early stages, the feature is expected to put Telegram in the same league as its competitors like WhatsApp.

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