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Samsung Introduces Bean-Shaped Wireless Earbuds

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Today’s Unpacked Event was not just about the Galaxy Note 20 lineup. Alongside other new smart devices, Samsung has revealed the new wireless earbuds dubbed Galaxy Buds Live.

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Reiterating previous reports, the Galaxy Buds Live come in a whole new form factor. But the buds were clearly brought in to address the issues that its predecessors had.


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This new bean shape is more streamlined so that they don’t protrude from the ear as much. The charging case, on the other hand, is boxier and small enough for one to easily carry or have in the pockets.

According to Samsung, the earbuds have improved speakers with a bass duct meant to offer better sound quality.

Additionally, the buds feature three internal microphones paired with a dedicated Voice Pickup Unit. This is meant to offer users better call quality as the buds will help in reducing external noise.

Samsung has also brought Active Noise Cancellation, a feature that was previously missing from its wireless earbuds.

The chassis also offers touch controls for navigation across your playlists. There is still a lot more that has not been revealed including the battery life that we will still be expecting.

However, it is evident that the Galaxy Buds Live are what the customers would go for if they’re looking for the best audio experience from Samsung’s earbuds.

The meaningful improvements that Samsung has made really do speak for themselves. However, since the Galaxy Buds/Buds+ will likely be available at a discount now, they also remain viable options for those who just need a solid pair of earbuds for a reasonable price.

Pricing in Kenya

The Galaxy Buds Live have been revealed to start at KES 19,000 once they launch in Kenya later on.

Additionally, the earbuds will be freely bundled with Note 20 Ultra’s pre-order from 14th August to 28th August.

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