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Twitter Will Soon Let You Choose Which DMs You Want To See

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Receiving unrequested messages is one thing that many people have had to deal with across all various social media platforms. Up until now, all users can do is turn off the messaging option so that they don’t get any messages from people they aren’t following. Well, it looks like Twitter wishes to protect its users even more.

App researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, reported that Twitter is testing a new feature to DM requests that many people have been asking for.

The feature is set to allow users to block future messages from a person without necessarily blocking their whole account. This will give you a little more control over who you interact with and how exactly you interact with them.

One would also have the ability to report DM requests. This will be brought on so as to protect users from the many problematic and spam messages that people often end up getting. Such messages have proven to be troublesome, considering how divisive Twitter has ended up being on various occasions.


This would also help Twitter gather important data about accounts whose tweets might be deemed as offensive or irritating. At a time when misinformation has been spreading faster than wildfire, this feature would be vital in helping the company tackle the digital pandemic.

We should keep in mind that they are just being tested for now so we’ll have to wait and see whether a future update makes them official.

Obviously, these are features that other rival sites like Instagram could do with as well. We all know the rate at which users receive unsolicited DMs on the photo and video-sharing platform.

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