Google Might Be Spying On You Through Your Android Device

Google Android Chrome Extensions

You already know that a lot of apps collect our data whenever we are using our devices. This ranges from location, emails, contacts and other bits of personal information. Of late, Chinese apps and TikTok have been receiving the most heat based on this issue. However, now it looks like our trusty Google is doing it on a much higher level on Android devices.

Google Android Lockbox

According to a new report, Google has an internal program called “Android Lockbox”. As much as it sounds like a safe space, it really isn’t. Here, Google employees can monitor Android users time and interactions with different apps.

What’s funny about this is that it looks like it is mostly based on apps that are competing with the company’s own apps. According to the report, the employees are able to see the data about other apps on any device that has been certified to use Google services.

This data will show how often an app is used and how long it has been used.

In Their Defence…

Google claims that this data from the Android Lockbox will allow them to offer a more personalized experience in spite of it providing data for competitive research to the company.

Also, not everyone is allowed access to this information. In order to gain access, employees have to request permission and the requests are sometimes denied.

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