Jambojet Launches Web App To Help Customers With Online Ticket Booking

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Low-cost airline Jambojet announced the launch of its new progressive web app (PWA). The site is meant to provide customers with access to the airline’s services straight from their smartphones. This includes booking tickets, check-ins and accessing boarding passes.

However, the Kenya Airways subsidiary has chosen to go beyond the standard play store app route. Benjamin Collins, the airline’s head of Information Systems said the PWA, is available on both Android and iOS as a type of application software delivered through the web. He added on that the app will offer convenience to customers while simplifying processes to save time and reduce physical contact points.

The app also targets Kenya’s growing digital population who evidently want to save time as they prepare for travel.

“Unlike the standard mobile apps or the web, PWAs consume less data and are reliable even in uncertain network conditions. This is part of our commitment to continue offering innovative solutions that are responsive to our customer needs,” Collins said.

“We will keep updating the app with more functionalities to streamline the customer journey.”

The app can be accessed on the Jambojet website currently. On the site, you will receive a prompt to install the app on your device. A click on the pop-up will automatically add the PWA to the homepage.

Alternatively, you can just head over to Google Play Store or App Store to install the app.

Additionally, the app comes with perks like instant notifications of upcoming trips, tracking flight status and receiving automated updates on any delays or changes to one’s itinerary.

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