Safaricom’s Latest M-PESA Outage Will Last 12 Hours, On Saturday and Sunday

M-PESA outage 1
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It’s here once again! You will have to brace your self for another M-PESA outage. Safaricom has announced another scheduled maintenance causing downtime on all M-PESA services.

And as much as we might be wasting your time by now, you might want to know that this one will be longer. The past five instances have seen services affected for at least five hours. Fortunately, the company gets to conduct the maintenance at wee hours of the night. This makes sure that Kenyans can get to use M-PESA in the morning without any issues.

This time, however, the maintenance is meant to last for a whole twelve hours. This will be from 10 pm July 18th to 10 am the next day. So, this might very well affect the number of users who have to use the service on Sunday morning.

The statement from Safaricom reads:

“For more than 13 years, M-PESA has continued to transform millions of lives in Kenya, connecting you to new opportunities and different possibilities every day. To support this continued transformation, we regularly undertake maintenance of our systems from time to time.

In this regard, our M-PESA services shall be undergoing planned maintenance on the night of Saturday 18 July 2020 to Sunday 19 July 2020, starting from 2200 hrs to 1000 hrs. During the maintenance, all M-PESA services including airtime purchase shall be temporarily unavailable.

The timing of this maintenance activity has been planned to result in the least of inconvenience to our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused and thank you for your continued support.”

At this point in time, it would be useless to complain any further about the interruptions. So all you can do is wait for the services to get back up on Sunday.

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  1. Thank you for early information

  2. Every wknd system uograde

  3. Safaricom has become very useless nowadays, it’s worst than coronavirus itself.

  4. Safaricom CEO you Must wake up or parliament table a motion of no confidence with you. Nkts!

  5. We are getting used to and its like will be doing transactions on fridays then wait hadi monday.

  6. Nowadays we don’t use mpesa,or safaricom,it has become too expensive,we migrated to Telkom and Airtel,
    Kama unataka kua maskini tumia saf

  7. Use #bitcoin network. Never been down since 2009.

  8. Global network for that matter.

  9. The woes of putting a clueless CEO to lead the giant Telco.
    This never happened during the time of Bob Collymore.
    We miss you Bob… Let me play Adagio for Strings once more to remember you

  10. I hope it is for the better

  11. What’s your mpesa balance

  12. This incompetent of the highest level Mr. Safaricom CEO. We miss Bob Colimore.

  13. Some peeps complaining here have nothing to transact..

  14. It’s past time.

  15. Its past 1000hrs

  16. This is madness. Upto now I cant access money. What the hell?

  17. It’s now minutes to noon and I still can’t use M-Pesa services. Nkt……🤕🤒

  18. Towards noon, I’m stuck in a cashless society

  19. Oh my God iam also stuck in this cashless society more than I had expected,wow someone to do something here

  20. It is still not working 16:26 hrs

  21. Well upto now I’ve not recvd my cash.

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