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Here are 5 Google Tricks You Should Know About

Google Tricks

To me, Google is that one fun uncle who always knows what to do and say when the rest of the family reaches that awkward silence moment. Rather than the all-knowing platform we all know and love, Google also has a couple of tricks up its sleeve.

Google Tricks

As noted by some Google employees, the company lets them work on some side assignments that include working on some tricks for users to enjoy.

Celebrity tricks

When you search for some celebrities, for example, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters, there’s a fun little trick that happens when you click on their icons. For instance, when you search for Joey Tribianni and click on the ‘Pizza’, food will jump out and you’ll hear one of Joey’s famous phrases.

The same works when you search for the Wizard of OZ and some of the AVENGERS characters. Specifically, Thanos whereby you can click on his gauntlet and snap away half of your search results.

Watching Movies

Apart from the regular streaming sites we know of like Putlocker, FMovies and 123Movies, there’s another way to watch movies for free.

Should you want to watch a certain movie, Type in the name of the movie, and add Google Drive. For example, Iron Man Google Drive. From here, click on the first link and it will direct you to the movie you are looking for.

Download Movies and Series

If that does not work. you can also use ‘index of’. By adding Index of to a movie, book or song title, you will be directed to a link where you can download what you are looking for.

The only catch is sometimes you have to be specific with what you are looking for and the format. For example, “Index of Friends, season 4, mp4”.

Playing Games

You can play a different variety of games. Just type in any of these terms:

  1. Spend Bill Gates Money
  2. Hacker Typer or Hacker Prank Simulator
  3. Draw with Google: Race with Google to try and draw a picture and it will try to name what it is you’re drawing.
  4. Learn your metric age: Know exactly how many days you have lived on earth.
  5. A lot of knowledge is packed on this site
  6. Emupidea: Play old but iconic games right from your desktop

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