E-commerce Platform Lists Coffins For Sale

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Over the years as e-commerce continues to grow in Kenya and across Africa, we can all admit that we have seen a few odd stuff being listed by traders. And while many people are still sceptical about online shopping platforms, you would wonder why some of the things listed are there.

The last few months have seen an influx of hygiene and personal protective products amid the ongoing pandemic. Masks, sanitisers, thermometers are almost a norm now in e-commerce. But seeing a coffin would definitely be an unexpected product on the list.

Well, South Africans are lucky enough to live at a time when caskets are now being embraced enough to be sold online. This was spotted in one of the country’s online stores, Takealot listed by a trader called ShopKing.


The coffin is listed at a price of about KES 35,000 (R5500) but can be discounted to 31k (R4899). Interestingly, the store is famous for its free delivery service.

As reported by Memeburn, Takealot insists that the coffin is a non-refundable item. So, you will definitely want to be sure why you want it before checking out the order.

As expected, this gave a number of South Africans did find a reason to laugh at this considering how bizarre it looks.

What makes it so noticeable and interesting would be the fact that we haven’t seen such a product in online stores before. Even a store as big as Jumia doesn’t get such (we checked). But there is no doubt that as e-commerce grows the variety of products goes with it.


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