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Twitter is Apparently Planning To Introduce a Subscription Model

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Twitter has now been reported to work on a subscription platform for its social networking service. This was revealed through a new job listing showing a new team of engineers dubbed “Gryphon” that is said to be “building a subscription platform”.

At the moment, the company is looking for engineers to recruit into the team. This is alongside other employees working closely with Twitter’s payments team. The job posting states that this project would be a first for the company. However, it is not entirely clear how exactly Twitter intends to execute this subscription service.


Twitter’s job posting

Like other sites, Twitter gets most of its income from ad sales and data licensing. Hopefully, this new service will provide exclusive content to users in return for a monthly fee and become another source of revenue.

Additionally, the company could be planning to have a Patreon-style of subscription service. With this, users can then get to subscribe to individual accounts in some way for exclusive content.

Twitter has not yet said anything about the service although we should expect something soon.

Ironically, Twitter tried to cover its tracks by removing the mention of a prospective potential subscription feature once it was spotted by the media. The revised version now says that the company is simply searching for an Android engineer to “work on a bevy of backend engineering teams to build components that allow for experimentation to deliver the best experience possible to all of our users”.

Despite the secrecy, it is clear that something is in the works and the company just doesn’t want to spoil it too soon.

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