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Kenyans Ditch Facebook For Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok

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Remember when Facebook was just gaining millions of users globally even when it didn’t deserve that? Well, it might still be the case but not so much as far as Kenyans are concerned.

A new report came out revealing key discoveries on the number of users for various social media sites in Kenya in 2020. According to the report, Facebook has apparently been losing a huge chunk of its audience in the country this year. This as many of them change their focus on other rival sites including Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok.

Snapchat was found to gain usage by 17.7% while Twitter has seen a 14.3% growth in the number of Kenyan users.

Facebook users leave for other sites

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It is no news by now that a site like TikTok has been dominating the scene not just in Kenya but all over the world, with numbers spiking amid the wake of the pandemic. However, the report indicates that the majority of Facebook’s former users have been users in the ‘millennial’ demographic.

This almost coincides with previous reports that were showing a growing number of older people joining the Zuckerberg-owned social network.

KOT was also placed on the spot as 61% of Kenyan men were found to be using fictitious names aka pseudonyms perhaps in hopes of hiding identities. Generally, an average of 47.7% of users were found to use these fake names across all social media sites.


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Unfortunately, the spread of fake news was reported to spike as 83.5% of users were found to have read and shared stories with false information. With the spike on the internet and social media usage across the country, it is no doubt that stories carrying false narratives have been on the go. Most of these attract people directly through the headlines and are shared even without really being read at times.

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