Kenyan Startup Stimaboda Launches To Introduce Electric Bodaboda and Taxis

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Kenya’s public transport system is notorious for its excessive carbon print that has proven to be part of the current environmental problems. However, we have seen a couple of efforts form some startups that intend to change all that and introduce the use of electric vehicles. Now another firm, dubbed Stimaboda, announced its launch with an aim of providing electric taxis and motorcycles on Kenyan roads.

The company emphasises on the introduction of more powerful motorcycles that create less vibrations and ensure no pollution on the roads. So drivers and riders won’t have to worry about the huge amounts of CO2 emissions with these vehicles.

According to Stimaboda, the main goal is to unlock electric mobility in Africa with Kenya as the starting point. The company also plans to develop convenient and affordable charging solutions through a network of battery swapping stations. This will provide drivers with an unlimited urban autonomy range while ensuring significant savings on their daily fuel expenses.

“By switching to electric motorcycles, they can be among the greatest beneficiaries of electric mobility advantages: lower fuel cost, lower maintenance cost, more powerful and comfortable motorcycles, less vibration and noise, no exhaust fumes. Moreover, Kenyan electricity is at 80% sourced from renewable energies. Having electric motorcycles powered by hydro and geothermal resources means reducing their life-cycle CO2 emissions by a factor 4,” said the firm.

Obviously, the plan to bring in electric mobility in Kenya has not been easy. A good example would be Nopia that still struggles to expand widely in the capital let alone the whole country. The future is surely electric whether we like it or not but change will not be easy. But maybe the launch of various electric ride-hailing companies in the country will help to push the agenda further.

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