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YouTube’s TikTok Competitor Has Been Launched

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As TikTok continues to rise, other companies still try and create platforms that can rival it. Facebook and Instagram recently launched their own short-video platforms, Lasso and Reels. So, Google clearly doesn’t want to be left out.

Video streaming site, YouTube has now revealed plans to bring in a new feature that will let you record 15-second videos. The feature, that is currently under testing, will let users record short videos. Reportedly, the test is rolling out to some users on both iOS and Android.

The idea, dubbed multi-segment videos, is to record multiple 15-second clips that will then be merged into one video. According to YouTube, this feature is meant to let creators record multiple clips easily directly from the mobile app.

“We’re testing out a new way for creators to easily record multiple clips directly in the YouTube mobile app and upload as one video. If you’re in this experiment, you’ll see an option to ‘create a video’ in the mobile upload flow. Tap or hold the record button to record your first clip, then tap again or release the button to stop recording that clip. Repeat these steps until you’re done capturing footage up to a maximum length of 15 seconds,” reads the YouTube’s blog post.

Anyone that wishes to upload longer videos at one go will have to choose the video from their phone gallery. This is obviously an attempt by the company to try and persuade creators into using YouTube for uploading short videos rather than TikTok.

However, there is no doubt that this will be hard to convince people to leave TikTok and go to YouTube. In fact, this feature might just end up forgotten like the YouTube stories feature.

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