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5 Gadgets All Mobile Gamers Must Have


These days, in most African nations and indeed the majority of nations across the whole world, gamers ply their trade on mobile phones rather than on costly and cumbersome CPUs or consoles.

As easy as it is to game on your mobile device, there are of course drawbacks involved.

The gadgets listed in this article do away with many of the shortcomings, leaving users with an experience that is truly immersive and engaging. Here are the gadgets that all dedicated mobile gamers should consider getting their hands on.

Playing on the go is made easier with these gadgets

Power Banks

There is nothing worse than being gifted some free spins by an online provider, only to then have your winning hot streak interrupted by a critically low battery.

In this regard, power banks are a must for online gamers, with the best these days often weighing the same as a sleek wallet and being powerful enough to charge your phone ten times over.

If the game you are playing features AR then traversing the outside world while playing can be a challenge without additional gadgets to aid you

Trigger Attachments

There is nothing more annoying than being in the midst of an intense firefight only for your weapon to malfunction due to a button or your touchscreen not working correctly.

Trigger attachments such as ones made by IFYOO or GameSir do away with that issue, snapping handily onto your phone and allowing you to snipe away with perfect accuracy.

Gaming Controllers

Going one step further than the trigger attachments are full-scale gaming controllers, which cradle your phone to turn it into a traditional gaming controller.

Before you know it, you will be playing games as though they were just on a console or Nintendo Switch, only without the huge price tag.

Gaming Headphones

You really do not want to be that person on public transport who has game sound effects blaring while everyone else tries to enjoy some peace and quiet, so do everyone a favour and get some high-quality gaming headphones.

For true mobility and ease of use make sure you opt for wireless models like the Sony WH-1000XM3 or the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless.

VR Goggles

Although we wouldn’t advise using these on public transport or anywhere public in general, the new must-have accessory for mobile gamers is the VR headset, which will turn your phone from a simple device into something that can beam you to another dimension!

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