Gumzo Now Let’s You Live Stream Your Video Calls To YouTube

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Remember the video we did talking about and testing various video calling apps and Softwares? Well, it included Gumzo, a Kenyan made software by Usiku Games. Apart from the features it already has, it seems like Gumzo has added a new one where you can stream your meetings live to YouTube.

Stream YouTube on Gumzo

According to a tweet by the company, you can now stream your video to millions via YouTube Live with their new record feature. The app works just like a regular video calling app. You sign up, create a room, invite friends and start your meeting.

You can either choose to record a meeting or stream it live to YouTube. The possibilities are endless with this feature as it eases so much work and you don’t have to use another app to stream the meeting. It’s not something we have seen in other apps so it will be great to see how it works.

According to Jay Shapiro, CEO and Founder, the new capabilities on the platform will enhance the experience for teachers and corporate users to record sessions which they would like to share in the future or broadcast to a larger audience through YouTube Live

It also brings a few features like being able to private chat with someone else during a group call. You can also play games on the app too while on a call. For now, they only have Ludo but promise to bring more games as time goes by.

We hear you and really appreciate the feedback So sorry you had a hard time with Ludo, we had a small bug that is being fixed right now. We will be adding all sorts of new games too!

With the current features, you do not have to pay for a thing. However, should you decide to go premium, Gumzo is doing its part to help the fight against COVID-19. According to a Gumzo,

With Gumzo, for every KES 100 we collect, 50% gets donated to Covid response NGO’s in Africa. The other 50% goes towards creating jobs in Kenya.

Here’s the video with details pertaining to Gumzo and other video calling apps.

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