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Best Gaming Gadgets for Real Gaming Fans

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Gaming in the modern world has become for many a serious pursuit, to the point of investing in a range of gadgets designed to enhance the experience. The trouble is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in the digital realm, and the quality of your investment ultimately depends on the type of game you prefer.

Whether you are a gaming enthusiast yourself or you’re pondering the perfect gift for the superfan in your life, these gadgets will be sure to please.

The Victory Lap

Every passionate virtual racing champion knows that a full setup is crucial to an authentic experience. A decent, comfortable chair is important as a starting point, but the game room cannot be complete without a steering wheel, accelerator pedal and gearbox. Although many of the latest devices include the capability of all four elements in one, each piece can still be purchased separately, as long as you’re prepared to pay a hefty price. Depending on the standard of performance aspects like force feedback and torque, the price point on steering wheels lies anywhere between $150 and $600. Pedals are often included with the wheel as an essential package element, but you can expect to fork out a little extra for the higher-quality feel of a metal unit. No matter which model you choose, it’s guaranteed to take the classic racing experience to new heights.

The Poker Face

You only have to look at all the new online casinos popping up on the internet to get a sense of the world’s widespread devotion to internet-based poker games. If you or someone you know has the knack for placing solid bets, you can enhance the experience by investing in a purpose-built online poker remote control. These wireless devices have all of the controls to deliver a fully-customizable experience, and because the software is regularly updated by the creators, the user receives the benefit of ongoing improvements. In case a remote control isn’t quite interactive enough, VR headsets are guaranteed to deliver that real-life thrill. The advent of virtual reality has done great things for online casino games, even going so far as to inspire the creation of a Virtual Reality Poker Tour, an experience designed for VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. A true poker fan will struggle to find a more authentic experience in the comfort of their own home.

The Takeoff

Any wannabe pilot knows that it can be hard to come by a device that provides the real sensation of flying a plane. The good news is that through ongoing technological advancements, flight control systems are able to simulate increasingly life-like experiences, allowing players to feel turbulence and G-forces much like they would in a real aeroplane. Some systems also allow the user to program a range of experiential features, like joystick resistance. Better yet, while these systems may sound high-tech, they are already available through a range of quality game retailers, for just over $200. Whether this is the beginning of a career in the skies or just an eccentric hobby, the thrill won’t be lost on a real gaming enthusiast.

The Social Butterfly

With multiplayer online games, the social element of gaming is central, but there are still a few must-have items that really make the experience. While a basic computer setup with a fully-operational keyboard and mouse is obviously essential, the constant push for new products has led to the creation of devices more bespoke to gaming than any previous inventions. The Cyborg M.M.O.7. is a perfect example, with backlit buttons, enhanced accessibility and a wide range of programming options. A good headset is another must-have, particularly for those sharing a home with family or friends, as these games can get rowdy. The noise-cancelling feature remains one of the hallmarks of a quality purchase, but if you’re looking at new, high-range tech, you can expect to find options touting the added benefits of surround sound and impressive wireless connectivity.

Gaming is a true passion for many in this increasingly virtual world, and those who are truly committed to the game will find significant value in any high-tech addition to their device collection. There is no better way to embrace the inner gamer, be it your own or someone else’s, than by investing in a gadget which is guaranteed to bring a more immersive and entertaining experience.

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