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What is OnlyFans and How Does it Work?

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OnlyFans is a term that you most likely have heard about it this year. From raunchy videos on Twitter with links to the site to Beyoncé’s namecheck on Stefflon Don’s Savage Remix that saw the site grow by 15%.

So what exactly is OnlyFans? OnlyFans is a web-based social media platform that was founded back in 2016 and owned by Fenix International Limited (a company that prefers to stay under the radar). The idea behind the platform was to create a product that was similar to Instagram and Twitter but one where creators could directly earn from the platform.

There are two types of accounts on OnlyFans, creators and fans, both of which we will breakdown below:


When one creates an OnlyFans account, they become fans by default but can choose to upgrade their accounts to creators if they wish to do so.

Like any other social media platform, fans have the option to view content from any creator and subscribe to as many as they want. Subscribe in this instance means paying the access fee to view the content.

The subscription fees vary from one to creator to another, so if you want to follow 10 creators, you will have to pay the subscription fees for each of them separately.

Some creators do have free content, which fans can view without paying anything, however, for a more immersive experience, subscribers have to pay to access the full library of a creator.

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Fans are required to verify their age (which must be over 18) and they are also required to upload their credit/debit card details to enable them to subscribe to creators. Unfortunately, there are no alternative payment methods such as PayPal or M-Pesa.

The subscription fees can be paid either monthly or annually and fans can cancel their subscription to any creator at any time.


OnlyFans creators must verify their identity and age by uploading relevant documents. Creators are also required to upload their banking details for them to be eligible to earn. Due to OnlyFans’ vigorous background check, verification for creators takes a few days.

Creators can share photos, videos and even host live sessions with their fans. There’s also a Private Messaging feature where fans and creators to interact directly, a feature that also allows fans to tip creators for extra content that may not be available to everyone, with a minimum tip of KES 500.

OnlyFans creators can charge any amount they wish to, with the lowest amount allowed on the platform being KES 500 for a subscription. Creators earn directly from their subscribers, taking home 80% of the subscription fees and 20% going to the platform as commission.

The platform disburses the funds to creators every 7 days from the day of the payment. So, if a creator gets a new fan on 8th, the subscription fees will be paid to them on the 8th.

Interestingly, there are testimonials of creators earning anywhere between KES 1 Million and KES 8 Million every month just from OnlyFans.

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Blurred image of a creator on OnlyFans | Image Courtesy Ethot.Guide

The creators of the platform insist that OnlyFans is not a porn site but instead claim that the site is meant to be used for tutorials, tips, behind the scenes shots and exclusive photos that creators share only to a few fans.

However, things are a little bit different from what the platform claims to be. A quick perusal on OnlyFans and you will notice that almost 100% of the content currently on the site is explicit in one way or the other.

Majority of the creators are porn stars, cam girls, reality TV stars and socialites who use the desires of their fans to connect with them as a way to earn a living. Despite all this, the platform has been growing exponentially with a registered grown of about 150,000 new users every day as of March 2020.

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