Telegram is Down For Most People Around The World

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Users are reporting that Telegram Messenger is down. The Messaging service is currently experiencing an outage that is affecting the sending and receiving of messages on all its platforms including mobile and web.

According to Downdetector, users have been experiencing issues since 2300hrs (EAT). Issues range from server connections to sending and receiving of messages as well as some issues on login into the service.

By the time of going to press, users were already complaining on Twitter, trying to understand what is happening to Telegram.

Extent of the Outage

So far it seems that the outage is affecting the whole world as we have seen reports from the Middle East, North and South America, Russia, Asia and Africa.

If you are having issues with the platform, leave a comment down below and tell us which country you’re in.

This is an ongoing issue and the article will be updated with more information as we receive it. Thank you @Lulu_Ngei for the hat tip.

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