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Kenyans Turn To Google To Know “How To Deal With Disappointment on 6TH June”


6TH June 2020 has been a long-awaited day for many Kenyans. The theme of the wait… the hope of being let out of their COVID-cages, so to speak. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many Kenyans have been subjected to an involuntary stay at home. More so the last 21 days have been hectic for many. 6TH June was supposed to be the day ‘freedom would come’ and unfortunately, all we got is disappointment.

Disappointment on 6TH June

To give a little brief, the country has been on a border lockdown for the last three months. The lockdown included:

  • A curfew between 7 pm and 5 am
  • Border lockdown of Nairobi and its environs. Meaning no movement into and out of Nairobi
  • Most recently, a lockdown of Eastleigh and Oldtown as well due to the increased number of COVID cases in the area.

Following the previous 21 day lockdown, 6TH of June was set as the date when the President would give a follow-up address. Seeing as many places had already started opening up, many Kenyans expected His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta to lift the cessation and lockdown. Knowingly or unknowingly the President took his time with this address and at around 3 pm, the moment of truth arrived.


Citing that the scientists suggest that the country should still take caution, the president did not lift the lockdown. He only relieved the pressure by 3 hours changing it from 7 pm-5 am to 9 pm-4 am. This led many Kenyans into a string of disappointed as they had high hopes from the president. So much so that according to Google search, this was the most searched item today.

As much as many of us are disappointed, there is still a sense of joy for many. Eastleigh residents get to move around freely now that the cessation is over. Also, the move from 7 pm – 9 pm gives people a sense of relaxation and extra time to get home. Now we deal with our disappointment and move on. Oh… maybe you should visit Twitter for a few laughs on the matter…

Stay safe:)

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