How To Set Up Messenger Rooms Directly on Instagram

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Instagram is now offering its users the ability to create new Messenger Rooms calls and invite friends and colleagues to join the conversations right from the app.

Facebook introduced the new video calling feature, Messenger Rooms last month in a bid to rival the likes of Zoom that has been growing rapidly. At the time, the feature was only available for users with the Messenger app. The feature had also been promised to integrate with Instagram and now it has.

So as of now, you can create a new room and invite friends on Instagram, after which you will be taken to Messenger. Fortunately, each call can accommodate as many as 50 people, including those who aren’t Facebook users. Additionally, the host can also lock out anyone who is not meant to be in the call.

How To Use Messenger Rooms on Instagram

Instagram did share a video demonstrating the steps you can use to set up a Messenger Room directly on the photo-sharing app.

  1. Go to Instagram’s Direct messages.
  2. Tap on the video chat icon located at the top right side of the page.
  3. Select Create a Room. 
  4. The meeting will be set up and you can then send invitations via a link offered on the app.
  5. You will also get the option to either Join the Room or just send the link.
  6. Instagram will then ask to open the room on the Messenger app.

The feature is also set to be integrated with WhatsApp anytime soon as it has reportedly been spotted in the beta versions of the app. The feature comes at a time when video calling apps have been the talk of the town as many people depend on them for interaction, work and school meetings.

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