NTSA Flags Off SWVL To Resume Operations in Nairobi


It’s been a hell of a year for SWVL fighting battles with Kenya’s transport authority. However, it looks like there is hope yet for the company.  SWVL Kenya has today announced that they have received a green light from NTSA to carry out their operations going forward. Dip Patel, the General Manager, notes that the green light on compliance from the NTSA is a major boost to the company.

Once we exit the lockdown, we will be able to steadily bring back our operations. From here, we can show our corporate customers that we have met all the regulatory requirements. We aim to continue our operations and we are very pleased about the consideration of the regulatory framework to incorporate technological developments coming up in the industry”, said SWVL Kenya General Manager, Dip Patel.

SWVL Plans Going Foward

  1. SWVL Kenya also announced that they will continue to grow their corporate partnerships. This means that they will offer organisations rides for their employees. These corporate rides continued to run during the pandemic period and are set to grow further post lockdown.
  2. They have also put up a restructuring of its teams and customer support systems. In theory, this will affect commuters bus owners and captains. They aim to provide quicker responses to their queries and complaints. In addition, The company has also pledged to continue the implementation of government directives. This in regards to capacity and hygiene, as the country transitions into the ‘new normal’ way of life.

Due to the pandemic, the company has temporarily put a pause on their regular rides services. Their aim is to continue once we’re ‘free’ from the partial lockdown restrictions.

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