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An Internet War Between YouTubers and TikTokers Dropped TikTok’s Rating To 1.3

TikTok's Rating

“When you anger one of us… you anger all of us.” A phrase that seemingly led the Indian YouTube Community to drive TikTok’s rating down to the ground. Here’s what happened.

What Led To TikTok’s Decrease in Rating

When Amir Siddiqui, a famous Indian TikToker, released an IGTV video criticizing India’s YouTube community, many were outraged. What angered most of them is that in the video, Amir alleges that YouTubers are making money out of TikTok content. He states that the YouTubers are stealing and copying content from TikTok.

As a response CarryMinati, A YouTuber known for his roast videos, released a video roasting Amir. The video garnered over 70 million views within a week making it his most famous video. Many of his followers were overjoyed by the virality of the video. However, here’s where things veered off course. 

To counter this, Amir started a campaign against cyberbullying and as a result, the video is no longer on YouTube. The video was removed from the platform for violating the Terms of Service. After the video was taken down, many of Carry’s followers went over to TikTok on the PlayStore and posted negative reviews.

The Repercussions

TikTok's Ratings

If you check the reviews now, you will see thousands of one-star ratings flooding the feedback section. Most of them are also using a certain template for feedback. For example, one reads,

“Dear TikTok team. I love this app but I have some problems using the app as I am very active in it but I don’t get more than 100 views and 20 like only on my video. Even posting the problem with the TikTok team in the app. But my problem is not solved”

Or a variation of something like this. TikTok has over a billion downloads. So this move is a largely significant backlash.

Before TikTok was hit by angry YouTubers, the app had a rating of 4.6 stars. Now it is rated 1.3 stars. We are not too sure how this will affect TikTok downloads but it is sure to make an impact.

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