Facebook’s Zoom Competitor, Messenger Rooms, is Now Available

Facebook Messenger Rooms
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Messenger rooms is now available for everyone around the world. Currently, Messenger Rooms is available within Messenger and Facebook, both on desktop and mobile.

Interestingly, Facebook notes that soon you will soon be able to create Rooms in Instagram and WhatsApp as well. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if it matches up to the hype.

Facebook plans to add ways to create Rooms from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal as well. Features will include 14 camera filters and changeable backgrounds. So far, it already has a few nifty features that help it seemingly tower over Zoom.

  • No Time Limits: It can support up to 50 people without time limits.
  • No Need To Have an Account: Messenger Rooms allows you to invite friends with a link, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

How To Use Messenger Rooms: 

To create a room, look for the video camera icon with a plus sign.

Here’s how it shows up on:

Facebook Feed:

On Facebook, Rooms default to being public – anyone who sees you’ve created one can join, though you have the option to switch this setting before your room goes live under the “who is invited?” menu.

From there you can choose to only invite specific people if you’d like. Facebook also lets you set a specific time for rooms to go live, which is handy if you want to schedule meetups in advance.

Messenger chat list:

On Messenger, Rooms are private. Only those you invite or send a link to can join. And again, anyone can join even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

Features On mobile
  • You can use a few AR effects
  • Play games with other participants
  • Share your screen.
On a desktop
  • you can currently only share your screen in addition to standard video.

When Messenger Rooms was announced last month, Zuckerberg eagerly talked about being able to replace your background just like Zoom. The difference though is that extra twist of the backgrounds being 360-degree images that move as you reposition your camera. However, for now, that feature doesn’t appear to be available yet.

This is a good alternative to Zoom if you just want to quickly start a video call with friends and family. This may also be made easier by the fact that so many people have Facebook and Messenger installed already.

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