Confirmed: Classic Game GTA V Will Be Up For Grabs For Free This Weekend

GTA V free

If you’ve never been able to purchase GTA V, then you should get ready to have an entire weekend of fun. Word is going around that the open-world smash hit might soon be free to download.

Reportedly, Epic Games Store is planning to have the popular video game by Rockstar entirely free of charge. As informed by Gamepressure, the site is expected to offer the game as the Premium Edition. This, if true, will include access to the game itself, Grand Theft Auto Online, and lots of additional content.

Despite its early inception in 2013, GTA V still proves to attract high sales to date with over 10 million units sold between February 2019 and now. TwitchMetrics still reports it as the fifth most-streamed title on Twitch with about 78 million hours of viewing time.

However, the anticipated free offer isn’t what you would particularly call charity. This is because releasing the game for free is expected to¬†help Rockstar generate more revenue in GTA Online microtransactions. So as much as you might be glad on saving a few coins on the game, you should fear to waste your entire weekend on just GTA V. As you expect the offer, just consider the fact that none of this is confirmed yet.

Alongside Rockstar, several other developers have also been wavering charges on their video games. This is in the spirit of the WHO’s initiative to encourage people to stay home and spend their time playing video games. Ironically though, there have been rising reports of gaming addiction as people spend most of their times glued to their controllers and screens.

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