The Best Zoom Video Conferencing Alternatives You Can Use in Kenya

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We can all admit that face time and video conferencing has blown up in the last few months. Whether it’s for work meetings, reuniting with friends and family or just casual interaction, all video calling platforms are now trying to step up the most when people need them the most.

Especially now when unknown apps have risen to fame so fast, the old fellas have been making every effort to make comebacks by introducing new features meant to be attractive enough to anyone who may need them.

Meanwhile, others have been getting into deep troubles over the last month or so either because of annoying features or severe security flaws. So, yes, it is kind of hard to choose the platform to really settle on without any of these worries. If you are one of those, then here are some of the best that you can take time to test and eventually decide.

Google Meet

Formerly dubbed, Google Hangouts, the platform has not just received a rebrand but has surely been receiving numerous revamps on its interface and security. The fact that Google had initially set up the service as a premium product for Google Suite users was unattractive at first, which Google had to rethink.

It was recently announced by the tech giant that the app would be free for all Google account holders for a limited time when everyone is stuck at home and needs to communicate digitally. The alterations have also included strict security measures to keep hackers away. This includes strictly encrypted meetings and full control to the call hosts to avoid anyone from accessing sessions just willy-nilly.


Jitsi, which you’ve probably never heard, is a multiplatform, open-source video calling service that lets you set up your meetings, invite participants. Luckily, all its tools and resources are completely free and open-source making it easy to use as the likes of Zoom. The meetings are also encrypted and users can also use it without an account as well.

Like other platforms, all you have to do is set up a meeting and share its URL to anyone you wish to join it. Fortunately, the service does not have any specific limit on the number of members you can have on a single call.

Google Duo

Google Duo has surely been in the game for quite a while but never really made such noise until now when the demand for such apps has been spiking. You have most probably had the app on your phone for a while but never noticed it. Well, you may want to try it as it has proven to be quite unique when it comes to video conferencing.

Unlike FaceTime, the app is available across systems so your iPhone friends can also get to use it. The app also has an innovative feature called “Knock Knock” where you can get a preview of who is on the other end of the line before accepting the call.

Facebook Messenger

When it comes to video calling, Facebook Messenger isn’t really the first app that comes to people’s minds. This is mainly because we have all used it to just send messages with Facebook friends. But the platform does offer a video chat option, making it an ideal choice for users who spend all their time on Facebook anyway.

So if the person you want to talk to over video is a Facebook user as well, you can then easily initiate a video or audio call with them. And like on Facebook’s main app and Instagram, you can also add a temporary photo or video to your Story on Facebook Messenger.

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