Google Meet Video Conferencing Service Now Available For Free

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Tech company, Google is now opening up the Google Meet video conferencing service to everyone. This decision comes as a counter from the previous offer that was only available to enterprise and education customers via G Suite.

The company now says that anyone with a Google account will now be able to access the service, create free meetings that allow up to 100 people without a time limit- though it is expected for the meeting length to be restricted to 60 minutes after September 30th.

However, there is a catch. When it comes to Google account requirement, users will not just click a link and join a meeting like in other apps. Instead, they’ll need to be logged in so that meetings can be better controlled by their hosts.

The feature was introduced hopes of avoiding the typical Zoombomb cases. Alongside that will be other safety measures including strict waiting rooms. The free version will also not be able to offer landline dial-in numbers for meetings.

All these restrictions are obviously efforts by Google to make its service different from the likes of Zoom that has faced scrutiny over the past month. You could also see this as an effort by Google to offer an opening for people who still distrust Zoom.

That is not to say that Google hasn’t had issues of its own when it comes to videoconferencing products. Google Meet was just rebranded earlier this month from the previous Hangouts Meet.

The reboot did come as a solution to the fractured legacy that Hangouts left, one that Google is still trying to escape.

According to Google though, the product was transitioned so that there’s just one platform for both consumers and enterprise customers. So as much as Zoom might be dominating the market right now, the likes of Google and Microsoft are definitely there to make sure it doesn’t grab any more than it already has.

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