Samsung Smartphone Users To Send Texts, Media For Free With This Update

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South Korean firm, Samsung, looks to make its users’ experience much better through improving and bringing new apps. The company had announced third-party app support for the Galaxy Z Flip‘s Flex Mode during its launch. However, the feature only recently arrived on the foldable phone.

The announcement though came alongside the promise of enabling RCS support on more of its smartphones, in partnership with Google. And as confusing as it may sound, Samsung phones have been supporting RCS messaging features for over two years. So, what’s different now?

Well, RCS messages were earlier supported on Galaxy phones only if the carrier supported it. But thanks to the expanded partnership with Google now, RCS messaging is being brought in even if the carrier doesn’t have support for the rich messaging protocol.

The company is seemingly tapping into Google’s Chat service (Google’s own RCS branding) to bring RCS messaging to its stock Messages app on Galaxy phones. So Samsung will be automatically distributing the feature to regions or countries that Google has rolled out RCS.

RCS is one that has been poised to replace current SMS in the coming years. With the ability to chat over mobile data or Wi-Fi, the feature is destined to make messaging much better than it is right now. This is mainly because users can get to share images or videos way easier and at high resolution. More features include typing indicators and the ability to add or remove people from a group chat.

As of now though, Samsung device owners will just have to wait to be in the same league as the famous iMessage users.


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