Samsung Smartphones From 2014 and Newer At Risk of Being Hacked


A new report has come out to warn of a major security flaw that could place Samsung devices since 2014 at risk. The defect, as reported sits in Samsung devices’ handling of the custom Qmage (.qmg) image format.┬áSecurity researcher, Mateusz Jurczyk, did point out this issue that can be exploited without users’ knowledge or without any kind of interaction with the device.

According to Jurczyk, Android redirects all images received on a Samsung device to the Skia library that then processes them. Unfortunately, images that exist in .qmg format can then be exploited since it can be used to reveal the position of the Skia library in the phone’s memory.

Once a hacker is able to trace the Skia library, they can execute codes without the user’s interaction with the device. This could then give the attacker full access to a variety of personal user information including call logs, contacts, microphone, storage and messages among more.

“After reporting the crashes, I spent several weeks working on a 0-click MMS exploit proof-of-concept for one of the vulnerabilities. I managed to achieve this goal with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ phone running Android 10,” said Jurczyk as he demonstrated the process of locating the Skia library in a video.

On the other hand, Samsung has not officially responded to the report yet. However, the company has recently been rolling out security updates in phases to fix the problem. The may 2020 security patch that fixes the liability has been issued to the Galaxy S20 series and is expected to get to more devices soon.

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