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We Tried YouTube’s TikTok Competitor and Here’s What We Thought

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YouTube shorts are finally here. Last night we realized that they were subtly introduced to the ‘stories’ section on YouTube under the category, short videos.

YouTube Shorts

As stated in the previous article on the release of this feature, it lives inside the existing YouTube for Android and iOS clients rather than being a standalone app.

When watching videos on certain topics like cooking or dancing, you’ll see the tag ‘Stories and Short Videos’. Initially, we just had stories, features but now they have added shorts.

We searched for the current challenge, ‘I’m A Savage’, being done by ticktockers around the world. When you click on the video and scroll down, you’ll be introduced to the short videos. Here you will get videos that resemble the initial video you clicked.

Shorts include a feed of brief videos posted by users inside YouTube. They are basically 30-second portrait videos based on a particular topic. By making Shorts available inside the YouTube apps, Google is guaranteeing a built-in audience.

You can then click on the channel name for more videos or like/dislike that video. These likes correspond to the likes the channel would have if you natively found the video.

It seems YouTube is picking vertical videos and taking them up as the short videos you are soon to notice. Unlike Instagram, once you’re through watching the videos, the stories then pick up.

Both stories and Short Videos are currently unavailable for desktop and we are not too sure if they will be added to the platform.

We tried out another video. We love food and this had to be one of the first tries. Once we opened the video, we saw videos on many other recipes you could make.

It looks like YouTube just made their suggestions a bit direct. Now you can’t avoid them and we like them so far. They make sense but that just means we’ll be spending a lot more time on the platform.

If your mobile app is up to date, then you should be able to see short videos on YouTube. Watch this video from your phone and scroll down to see the short videos on related content. What do you think about YouTube Shorts?



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