Xiaomi Subtly Throws Shade at Huawei For Lacking Google Services

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Leading smartphone manufacturers are famous for trolling one another every now and then. We cannot forget all the ads from Samsung that were particularly made to just ridicule the iPhone X’s notch.

And while it may seem like an unhealthy competition, the whole goal usually is to point out the weaknesses of its rival. Well, it seems like one newbie is out to get its competitor now. According to recent sales reports, Xiaomi has certainly been making strides with the latest achievement being the jump to a third most popular phone brand.  This is after unapologetically overtaking its home country rival, Huawei. The most obvious reason for this has been the new phones from Huawei that lack Google services which is what most of us depend on.

So after getting to the big fish club, Xiaomi seems to be out to get its closest rival. Remember that Huawei’s recently launched flagships, the P40 line-up does not come with any Google apps or services, which is a reason for worry. This is both worry for the brand’s fans and the company alike. Mind you, Xiaomi also has its flagship device, the Mi 10 Pro that was released last month. Interestingly, the smartphone starts at the same price as Huawei P40 Pro at about KES 120,000.


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On the box of the European version of the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro there is an inscription “with easy access to the Google apps you use most”, which means that the smartphone provides easy access to the most frequently used Google applications. This is seen as a direct marketing strategy, to take advantage of Huawei’s position. However, it could just be jumping to conclusions and maybe Xiaomi never had such intentions. Only time will tell before we get some funny clips from either side trolling the other in the name of marketing.

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