Microsoft Edges Out Firefox As The Second Most Popular Browser


According to a report done by NetMarketShare, Microsoft has overtaken Firefox and jumped up a spot to be the second most used browser in the world.

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to the world of technology taking a hit. However, we believe that the connections we made must live on. We keep in touch with our family, have meetings with our colleagues from work and watch content from our favourite creators.

Thanks to the types of software we are lucky to have today, these connections can live on. We can work, study and interact with the world all from the comfort of our houses.

Browser Wars: Undefeated Chrome; Edge vs Firefox

One way we do that is by making use of our browsers on our laptops. The likes of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer have changed the way we interact with the world. We use these browsers according to our preferences.

In this report, it seems like most of the world undoubtedly prefers Chrome as their go-to browser. As much as it was originally thought that most people would then move to Firefox, Microsoft Edge has come out on top. It’s a tight race between the second and third position but maybe the new Chromium upgrades added to Edge have given it the nudge forward it needed.

As you can see below, Microsoft held a steady growth from September last year and kept it up till they surpassed the Firefox browser.

Microsoft Firefox Browser

NetMarketShare tracks the usage share of web technologies. They have developed detection technology to provide the most accurate view of web technology usage share.

Bots and fraudulent traffic are responsible for a large and growing percentage of web traffic. They claim to be the first service to detect and eliminate bots and fraudulent traffic from the data. By removing the invalid traffic, the statistics are far more accurate.

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