Kenyans React as Peter Ndegwa Takes Over Safaricom CEO Job

Peter Ndegwa, CEO Safaricom
Image Courtesy Safaricom PLC

Peter Ndegwa is officially the CEO of Safaricom. Despite joining the company on an odd day (that sceptical Kenyans online will not fail to remind you of this) and top that up with the mounting effects of COVID-19 in the country, Mr Ndegwa stands at a unique position as the first Kenyan to ever to run the telco.

This position stirs both excitement and criticism amongst Kenyans online. However, Peter Ndegwa seems particularly optimistic as he takes over the job from interim CEO, Micheal Joseph.

While speaking to Daily Nation, Mr Ndegwa said that the best leaders are known in times of crisis. “I like getting things done. The best strategy is about solving the problems faced by our customers and this is part of my DNA. I also like things simple,” he said.

The new CEO seems particularly interested in working on data, M-Pesa and expanding Safaricom into other countries. But was keen to mention that he cannot make any promises on price changes as of now, as he still needs to settle in.

Kenyans React

As Peter Ndegwa takes his position, a section of Kenyans shared their thoughts on the man:

His Village Neighbours

The people of Nyandarua, the small village from which Peter Ndegwa hails from not only showered him with praise but also expressed concern over the poor network connection in Nyandarua. The villagers say that they expect this to change as Peter Ndegwa takes over Safaricom.

The Welcoming Messages

The Opportunists

As we’ve seen, Kenyans are divided on Peter Ndegwa’s appointment. While a good number of people wish him luck, critics are also quite vocal. What message do you have for Peter Ndegwa?

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