Xiaomi is Apparently Designing a Hi-Tech Face Mask With Better Protection

Xiaomi face mask

While many of us continue to debate on whether face masks are helpful to fight the COVID-19 infection, Xiaomi is reportedly looking to make more. The Chinese tech company has reportedly patented a new face mask in China. The mask is apparently meant to be an upgrade from a previous air pollution mask they made in 2016.

The patent, filed by Xiaomi in 2019, shows a mask that’s meant to fit a person’s face much better. And now that it has just received a green light on March 17th 2020, there is no reason for them not to move to production.

Spotted by GizmoChina, the mask is described as a three-dimensional support skeleton to fit better around the face. The mask is also designed efficiently to allow less air to peep through and can be adjusted quite easily.

Xiaomi has not given any official word on the product or whether it even plans to launch it. The patent may be there but it is no guarantee that it will be up for production at all. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for masks has increased many-fold.

Healthcare personnel around the world have surely proven to need such tools for their daily work. And while COVID-19 is not an air-borne disease, face masks are most important even now during the ongoing crisis. And just maybe with companies like Xiaomi stepping into the rescue, there could be some sort of relief for them.

Anyway, we will be sure to update you in case Xiaomi decide to have the new mask up for production and launch.


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