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American Musician, Keri Hilson, Blames 5G For Coronavirus

Keri Hilson blames 5G as cause of coronavirus
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We are really not sure whether her Twitter account has been hacked but yes, Keri Hilson took to Twitter this morning to share a newly found theory she has. The American singer, songwriter and actress seems to have an idea of what we should lay blame on as the cause of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the tweet posted on 3.58 AM, Keri blames the rise of the new 5G tech as a part of the reason why we are suffering right now.

According to Keri, the 5G initiative that the Chinese government alongside many tech companies had was too shady to be true. With evidence, she does show reports of the dangers brought about by 5G. Similarly, she does show a report of Bill Gates’ Netflix documentary aired last year where he warns world leaders of a potential pandemic that could originate in China.

This according to her is also one main reason why there have been such a low number of cases in Africa compared to what is happening in Europe, Asia and North America.

It is still not clear to this day whether this is what the Microsoft founder had in mind but even he has been silent ever since the coronavirus pandemic went global. What is clear though is that Keri is totally convinced that 5G has to be the main cause for the trouble we are having currently.

The conviction also seems to have been strong enough to convince a couple of her followers on Twitter.

However, a majority seem to not even believe that she is the one tweeting all these conspiracy theories. A number of them have even gone as far as to bring up her life-long feud with Beyonce.

Other than just Twitter, she also took to Instagram Stories to shed some light on what to do to avoid the 5G radiation from phones. This is through guidelines of how to turn off LTE on iPhones and what to do when not using a phone.

keri hilson- IG coronavirus

Not much is known to this day about the virus as no vaccine or cure has been developed yet, but as much as we may want to answers, this info is definitely not one from any authorised sources, therefore, not true.

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