Samsung Was Forced To Shut Down Factory Due To Coronavirus

Samsung Factory- Coronavirus cases
Image courtesy Techradar

The globally dreaded Coronavirus continues to spread across various countries in Asia and beyond. Despite efforts to try and contain the growing epidemic, various economies continue to fall victim to the virus with plenty of manufacturing units being forced to shut down.

Now, it looks like production halts are spreading beyond China with the latest case happening in a neighbouring country. Last week Samsung had to temporarily close its factory in Gumi, South Korea.

As reported by Reuters, the tech company found a confirmed case of Coronavirus in the factory last week. To curb the threat, the tech giant decided to shut down operations until February 24th. However, the factory floor where the affected person worked was closed for a day longer and was set to reopen on 25th February.

Samsung said that it is testing people who came in contact with the infected employee for possible infection.

The company has placed colleagues who came in contact with the infected employee in self-quarantine and taken steps to have them tested for possible infection.

This kind of shutdown cast doubts on the company’s abilities to deliver on their Galaxy S20 pre-orders but a company representative in East Africa confirmed to Gadgets Africa that all orders were still in place.

It is also reported that the factory was used to produce the high-end Galaxy Z Flip devices for the local market and thus international shipments would not be affected in any way. It is worth to note that Samsung has also moved a big chunk of its production outside its home country to India and Vietnam.

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