Opera Set To Launch Smartphone Brand, OLLA


When you hear Opera all that comes to mind is the famous browser and the loaning app, OKash. But the company has slowly been making its name in the African market through its wide variety of software products and services especially in the West of the continent.

With the huge list of products, Opera has been Opera has managed to pioneer new markets and give existing players a run for their money. Thanks to sufficient funding and most importantly, problem-solving products.

The company now seems to be going for the jugular as it prepares to lean towards hardware manufacture through its brand new smartphone brand, OLLA. Apparently though, Opera has been teasing its new product across its social media channels.

It’s not clear how many phones are set to launch under the brand name. What is known however is that two phones are set to be announced quite soon as the first entries.

Opera itself had already shared two rendered images of the images, one with a full-screen with a pop-up selfie camera and the other with a punch-hole selfie camera. Of course with these two designs being among the most popular, it’s fair to see why the maker would go for them.


Price information of the soon-to-be-launched Opera/OPay OLLA phones is another obscure detail we are yet to find out. However, if we take a cue from the pricing history and pattern of OPay and Opera’s products & services, we expect the OLLA phone to be affordable.

Regarding launch date and availability, we expect the OPay OLLA phones to be launch in the coming (3 – 5) weeks.

What Else?

Well, since the phones are powered by Opera and OPay, you should expect them to come with a couple of bloatware out-of-the-box. The company will most definitely use the OLLA phone as a medium to market/promote its products and services. So do not be surprised if you find apps like Opera browser, Opera Mini browser, OPay, etc. on your new OLLA phone.

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