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Check Out This Machine That Cooks Ugali On Its Own

Ugali Cooking Machine

Whoever said the future was all about flying cars and holographic videos must not have seen this coming. Ugali is cooking itself now! According to Tony, Crazy Monday, Bitange Ndemo had a dream and his dreams are coming true. Former P.S for Ministry of Information and Communications suggested we standardize and commercialize production of common traditional foods. The Ugali making machine is here.

He specifically stated that we come up with a machine for making ugali, nyama choma, chapati, mukimo, mursik, among others. Well it seems like the time is here and now.

Ugali Making Machine

There is a video doing rounds on social media showing a machine that is cooking Ugali, on it’s own No mwikos needed. No effort required. The machine does all the work.

There’s More Than One

The latest is from a young man in Malawi, who, after 3 years of tinkering that’s reminiscent of Dyson’s obsessive iteration, has successfully prototyped an nsima (or ugali) cooker. It makes the perfect ugali.

Ugali Cooking Machine

On the other end of the continent, however, Togolese electronics engineer Logou Minsob has gone much further with his award winning invention, the FouFouMix. It converts pre-cooked cassava into fufu/ugali in less than 10 minutes.

The creators of the FouFou mix say that this innovation opens prospects for creating a new African industry. It is dedicated to the manufacture of such devices on the continent in allowing the creation of jobs for young people!

Kenyans On Twitter react To The Ugali Maker

Of course the Kenyans on Twitter had to react to this Ugali cooking machine and their emotions are on a fifty fifty basis. Some say that the process of making Ugali is an art and the mwiko is the brush and we should not use this device. Others want the device and are ready to pay whatever price it costs just to ease the stress. So what do you think? Would you buy this Ugali Maker?



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  1. How do you even cook ugali without a mwiko?Lazima niweke maji kwa sufuria niekelee kwenye jiko ambalo limewaka vizuri…you know the drill. Only then can you rate the ugali! 😏👍🏾

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