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One Year On, Kenyans On Social Media Mark Anniversary Of Tragic Dusit D2 Attack

Nairobi-hotel-attack-13 dusitd2 attack
Image courtesy The Independent

Anyone who’s new to Nairobi can just walk right now along 14 Riverside Drive Complex at the Dusit D2 hotel oblivious of the fact that exactly a year ago today, the place smelt of chaos and death. For anyone else familiar, the memories still linger. And as much we may say this a thousand times, it is still hard to see a place where people are walking around peacefully now had 21 lives lost in less than a day just a year ago.

On January 15th, 2019, Somalia’s notorious terrorist group, Al Shabab put the whole country and its capital to an abrupt stop when they invaded Dusit D2 hotel. Thanks to the able security forces, the situation was contained successfully with hundreds of civilians surviving the ordeal.

For those who were lucky to survive together with millions of other Kenyans, the memories may not be sweet at all but are still there. The hotel was later reopened six months after the horror and one year on, survivors are still seeking help to get through the trauma.

For the anniversary, Kenyans all over social media have spoken out to once again speak encouraging words to the families that were affected and the survivors of the Dusit D2 attack.

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