Everything You Need To Know About PUBG Mobile’s Latest Update

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January has been underway for two weeks now and with the fortnight came the latest monthly update for PUBG Mobile. But do not worry, the update, dubbed 0.16.5, has only been live for a couple of days but there’s definitely some new stuff you should expect before you launch the game on your smartphone.

As expected every month, patch 0.16.5 brings with it some notable additions including Royale Pass 11 for those that pay for the game. But you should also expect to find a new Domination game mode, a new Arena map, as well as a new vehicle.


Image courtesy Tencent Games

The Domination mode is basically a capture-and-hold game mode that splits two teams of four against one another on an urban map with random areas to be captured for victory. The new map, called Town is a small urban battleground with tight alleyways and plenty of higher points for advantageous snipers.

Each is set to be unique with each of the five capture points randomly activated at one time. Teams are then tasked with having to secure and hold the point over the course of four minutes while slowly increasing the capture percentage.  The team can also capture the point by reaching 100% or by having a higher percentage when the timer expires. The first team to capture two areas win the match.

Honestly, the Domination mode has proved to be quite impressive for me compared to the likes of Call Of Duty Mobile that has all three capture in play form the start of the match that makes team division quite hectic.

The other noteworthy addition is the return of the classic Warehouse TDM mode. This was obviously a fan favourite feature of PUBG Mobile that unfortunately lost some of its charm when custom load-outs were introduced to PUBG Mobile in the last 0.16.0 update.

It’s been given its own mode called Arena Training and is just as frantic and fun to play as ever. Of course, there are other minor fixes included in the latest update including a new two-seater snowmobile and minor tweaks in the UI for┬ámissions and the map download menu.

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