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Snake Xenzia
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In today’s app of the day, we take a trip down memory lane and play one of the most popular mobile phone games of its time, Snake Xenzia. Do you remember it? Your first phone was probably the Nokia 3310 and this game was all people would rave about. The good old days when all our troubles were keeping the snake alive and getting high scores.

Snake Xenzia On The Play Store

Well, today it’s possible to relive those memories with the new gaming app called Snake Xenzia simulator. It will take you back to your childhood, to the ’90s, surrounding you with happy nostalgia. The game was originally developed by a Russian developer in 1974 and soon after became the most played arcade mobile game.

We all know that the basic Nokia phones are no longer used by people because of the smartphone revolution. However, those of you who have used the Nokia phones may miss the simplistic features and easy to play yet challenging games it came with. That is why they have created the Snake Xenzia Simulator. 


It is a unique app that will simulate two of the most popular games featured in the Nokia phones, the Snake Xenzia Classic, and Rapid Roll Classic. As soon as you open this app, you’ll come across a mobile phone on your screen just like the Nokia phone, no matter what smartphone you’re using. The game will run on the Nokia phone’s screen on your screen.

So, it is basically a phone within a phone! Experience the joy of playing Snake Xenzia and Rapid Roll just like on Nokia phone, right from your own smartphone. It has a user-friendly interface, suitable for all ages and free to download.

Snake Xenzia

If you’re someone you have been addicted to playing Snake Xenzia Classic or Rapid Roll Classic in your Nokia mobile phone then this app is certainly for you!

Download the game now, get playing and remind yourself of the simpler times! What’s your high score?

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