PlayStation 4 Games You Need To Play Before 2019 Ends

PlayStation 4 video games
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Many video game players are fans of the normal day-to-day competitive games that get to interact with other players every day without getting bored. But the last two years or so have seen the emergence of some really epic high-budget AAA titles for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that you might wonder why you haven’t played since their respective launches.

And with the world expecting the next-gen consoles next year, most of the current video games will start losing value as 2020 commences, so you might want to jump on them as fast as now.

God Of War

Journey to the Norse realm of Midgard with Kratos and his son as they encounter menacing gods hell-bent on stopping them. God of War was acclaimed upon release for just about every aspect, from its cinematic story to its superb gameplay.

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Red Dead Redemption

Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 only come around once in a generation. Rockstar managed to deftly handle an emotional story full of compelling characters in a society that’s quickly leaving them behind. Any number of things could have gone wrong during development (aside from its labour practices), but Red Dead Redemption 2 ended up being a masterpiece.

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Death Stranding

It’s hard to describe what Death Stranding is, but at its core, t’s a game about making connections. It just so happens that in order to do so you’ll need to carry a baby in a pod strapped to your chest through monster-infested areas and other dangerous terrains.

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Far Cry 5

While the Far Cry franchise has historically taken you to exotic locations to fight evil warlords of some description, this new game places you in a rural part of America to take on a doomsday cult pretending to be a semi-religious town. This is a great, straightforward shooter where the bad guys resemble something you’ve seen on TV.


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