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Find Out The Best And Most Popular Tech Gifts In 2019


It’s Christmas time. The season of joy, happiness, sharing and remembering… well really, it’s the season of getting and giving. Waking up on boxing day and opening gifts is always such a magical treat. We all want to receive gifts but to receive, we must give. So you must be thinking, what should I get for him/her. Well, it’s 2019. Get them a techy gift.

What’s The Most Popular Gift?


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According to a survey done by Statista and Consumer Technology Association, the most planned electronic gift purchase has been headphones and earbuds. 58% of people would like to buy and or receive earbuds or headphones as Christmas gifts.

This should come as no shock as we are doing so much more with our phones nowadays. We are consuming a lot of content and we want to hear it in the best quality. For most tech users, they we are either gamers or content consumers and creators. Whatever the case, headphones and earbuds are a great commodity to have. The portability and convenience of having wireless earbuds is most notably the reason why it is a perfect gift. It is a great piece of tech to have and serves many purposes.

So many companies have ventured into the market. Products from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Sony, Sennheiser, Beats and other companies have flooded the larger and you can’t miss a perfect match.

The other electronics ranked as follows:

  • Portable wireless speakers – 43%
  • Smartphones – 41%
  • TV – 39%
  • Smart speaker – 38%
  • Digital media streaming device – 38%
  • Laptop -37%
  • Tablet -37%
  • Smartwatch – 36%
  • Game consoles – 33%
  • Activity tracker – 29%
  • e-Reader – 25%

Electronics fall third in Christmas gifts in general with gift cards and clothing being the first and second respectively. Books, money, games, toys and jewellery follow suit in the gifts category. So if you’re thinking of getting a gift for someone, go the tech way. You can never go wrong with tech.

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